CLIENT: Eko ROLE: Art Direction, Design


Where we meet Eko

Have you ever watched a video where you decide what actions the characters will take next? Have you ever heard of startups led by an Israeli rockstar? Not yet? Meet Eko. Eko is a pioneer of interactive storytelling.  Go left. Go right. Defeat NBA all-stars scoring a three-point. Watch a love story happening in 16 parallel universes. Be a hacker, a superhero. Whatever you want. Eko is a new medium, where viewers shape the story as it unfolds. The result is streaming digital interactive video that allows our viewers to affect, control, and influence narrative live-action entertainment.

The About page designs are produced in collaboration with my awesome friends from GoodGood

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Branding the multiverse

Eko main logo was designed with a help of the amazing guys from Pentagram. I was in charge of developing the rest of the visual language. Eko is a different sort of a company, constantly morphing and changing it's hats on the fly,- from a tech startup to an ad agency, from storytelling guru to a media company. I needed something fresh and dynamic.


A horse of another color

Eko isn't another corporate with a standard color approach. It's  rich and bold palette welcomes the user to discover different, vibrant stories with multiple endings. And if it's not enough, we developed gradient  blocks concept, smoothly transitioning from one UI element to another.

Group 2@2xGroup 2@2x
Group 3@2xGroup 3@2x

Font of knowledge

As the main font we are using the Stolzl family - modernist and super-versatile font named after Gunta Stolzl, one of the Bauhaus geniuses. For text body usages we usually go with Montserrat.

Group 11@2xGroup 11@2x


Caught in a web

But what is branding without the web presense for a digital company? I led the entire web and product rebranding of the company, from the initial UX research to the final delivery and postimplementation QA


Browsing interactive

Firstly, we needed a platfor that can accomodate Eko shows and present them in a bold and attractive way. The result is a portfolio-like website with fullscreen imagery and clear and simple navigation.



Build it yourself

Eko is not only about watching the shows and getting entartained. Eko Studio is a tool that actually allows the user to create his own interactive experiences. Simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface was the crucial point for this project.

Group 4@2xGroup 4@2x