CLIENT: Personal ROLE: Creative Direction, UI, UX

Dukan? What Dukan?

This project is super-personal and especially loved by me. In fact, I lost 22 kilos (about 55 pounds) thanks to Dukan Diet. During the course I was in a search of the perfect tracker - a tool that I could always grab in order to stay up to date on my daily routine and nutrition. A simple and motivating one. Since I couldn't find one that suited me, I decided to create my own tracker.

The Problem

Dukan Diet is a heavy protein diet that is comprised of 4 phases: Attack, Cruise, Consolidation and Stabilization. Each phase has lots of rules and data to remember, and it is all very confusing. All four phases are heavy on do’s and don'ts, and even the slightest slip-up is considered destructive. This is the reason a user needs a simple tracker in order to remember and follow all the rules during the day.

Research and initial sketches

There is plenty of information on what to eat and how to cook during the course of the diet on websites and smartphone apps, but almost none of them concentrate on real time needs. I focused on the actions the user has to do during the diet, and discovered that Dukan is all about three simple things:

eat, pray, love walk and drink.

This is how the flow and the general navigation were born. Simple card-based navigation with only the most basic information that the user needs in the current moment - this is the idea of the main screen. Full information about the course of the diet can be achieved by pressing the burger icon (top right corner). 

What if...

OK, now the user knows all the relevant information for today's routine. But what about a situation wherethe user really needs to know what he'll be doing next Friday, for example? This is how I came up with the scrollable calendar idea. The user swipes left or right and the cards present what he has to do in future or what his achievements were in the past. Of course, the full calendar view is available through the main menu as well, but the scrollable shortcuts make user's life easier if he needs to reach specific data as fast as possible.

Final product

In summary, I studied the market and gathered visual references. What I wanted was to make a clean and fresh app, with no unnecessary data.  In addition, I made a shorter version for the Apple Watch, which in my opinion works best with the quick updates of tracking apps.

fin2 copyfin2 copy

Wear the wearables

Apple watch came out exactly when I was finalizing the app and polishing the last screens. "Isn't that a perfect tracker extension and reminder?" - I asked myself. It definitely is, so here goes the watch version of the app.